Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Sweet Little Gracie

We recently found out that our adorable three year old neice has a form of cancer known as neuroblastoma. It is a tumor that is in her little tummy that is the size of a softball. It really breaks my heart to see her going through this. I am currently in Tulsa with her and her family, and am so blessed to be able to be here. She is the bravest little girl. She is so small, and i wish with everything that i have that i could take her place. I can only imagine what my brother and sister in law are going through. I am writing this post to plead with you all to pray for our sweet little gracie. We are still in the early stages of diagnosis, and there are still a lot of scary things to come. She will be starting chemo soon. Please, please, please pray for her. If you all want to know more about her story, or could donate even a few dollars to her and her family i would be eternally grateful. the website is WWW.GRACIECARE.BLOGSPOT.COM Thank you so much.

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