Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Sweet Little Gracie

We recently found out that our adorable three year old neice has a form of cancer known as neuroblastoma. It is a tumor that is in her little tummy that is the size of a softball. It really breaks my heart to see her going through this. I am currently in Tulsa with her and her family, and am so blessed to be able to be here. She is the bravest little girl. She is so small, and i wish with everything that i have that i could take her place. I can only imagine what my brother and sister in law are going through. I am writing this post to plead with you all to pray for our sweet little gracie. We are still in the early stages of diagnosis, and there are still a lot of scary things to come. She will be starting chemo soon. Please, please, please pray for her. If you all want to know more about her story, or could donate even a few dollars to her and her family i would be eternally grateful. the website is WWW.GRACIECARE.BLOGSPOT.COM Thank you so much.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, my new years resolution is to keep up on this blog thing! :) so much has happened, i dont even know where to start! In march, we bought our first house! We love it! We completely remodeled the bathroom before we moved in, and it turned out great! It is so nice owning instead of renting!
I am now officially a dental assistant, well certified to be one anyways! Now i just have to find a job! :) I really enjoyed the program and am excited to get started with that profession! Hopefully before too long, i can get back in school and go for dental hygeine, which is what i really want to do! :0 I just wish i would have figured that out a little earlier, like before i went to school for three years for physical therapy! Lol. Oh well, you live and you learn!
Devin is in the process of trying to get into the Union Electrician Program right now. He qualified fot the test, and has taken that, we are now just waiting to see how he did on that! I hope he did good! He wants it so bad! Even f he doesn't pass it this time, he can retake it. So, hopefully before too long he can accomplish his goal! I am so proud of him for going after what he wants! We are finally starting to grow up, and decide what we want to make of ourselves, and its scary but fun all at the same time!
With this new year, we have a lot to look forward to! We are so blessed in so many aspects of our lives! We have amazing families, each other, jobs, and so many more things that i cant help but be thankful as we look toward the future! Good things to come!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Take My Hand and Together We Will Reach Eternity

On June 21, 2008 Devin and i were sealed for Time and All Eternity in the Logan Temple! It was so amazing! I had dreamed about that day for my entire life, and i couldnt believe that it was finally happening! That day, as we were driving to the temple, i was so excited i could barely stand it! We rode down with my mom and dad, and i was trying to keep from crying the whole way down. I was nervous, but mostly extatic! We got our endowments taken out that same day, and the whole process went suprisingly perfect! We tried so hard to take everthing in, but it went by so fast it was hard. I cannot even describe how i felt when i walked into the sealing room and saw so many of my family members there! It was so special to be able to share that with so many loved ones! I couldn't help but feel bad for my husband, because while I had numerous people there, there were only a few from his side of the family. His parents are not active, but it was great that his grandma and aunts and uncles could be there! I could feel how heavy his heart was not having his parents there, and it broke my heart. I am married to such an amazing man! I am so happy that I have him for eternity!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Most Amazing Family!

I just wanted to put up on here what a cute and amazing family i have! My parents have quite the posterity! I love my family so much! I could basically kick my brothers butt's for being so successful and moving away for their careers though! Oh well! Even though we don't all get together as much as i wish we could, it's so great to have such a great family to lean on! I am extremely blessed with wonderful parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and in-laws! Just wanted everyone to know! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Devin and I were married December 16, 2006. It was an amazing day! I was so nervous, but so excited! Everything went perfectly! I got a little sick at our reception, but i think it was just nerves. I never thought we could be this happy! There are trials for sure, but they are so worth it!